Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

The Rotary Fan Press® (RFP) can benefit any business that creates a wet by-product which needs to be disposed of, recycled or reused. Such as, spent grains or sludge. Often times the by-product is rich in nutrients that could be repurposed for other applications, recouping some of your investment and making your company more sustainable. To do so, that by-product needs to be transported somewhere. Depending on the application, the Rotary Fan Press® can reduce weight and volume as much as 60%. That in turn could potentially reduce haul costs by 60%, saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint.

Some examples of industries that could benefit from the RFP
Process & Wastewater
Bottling, Brewery, Winery and Distillery
Grease Traps
Food & Meat Processing


Our goal in designing the Prime Rotary Fan Press® was to construct a dewatering option that effectively reduces water content in biosolids while minimizing energy, water and polymer consumption. We succeed-ed in developing a liquid/solid separation system that is EPA approved as a green dewatering alternative.

In addition to the cost saving benefits and meeting regulatory compliance guidelines; the Rotary Fan Press reduces energy use, water consumption, and hauling costs to minimize carbon emissions and pro-tect the earth’s resources for future generations.

How does a Rotary Fan Press work?

When biosolids enter the system, pressure increases as waste moves slowly through a tapered channel. Friction intensifies as the biosolids compress against two rotating filter screens. Filtrate takes the path of least resistance and drains through the screens. The dryness of the resulting biosolid cakes varies per application, but averages between 18–24 percent, with some applications achieving as high as 60 percent. In other words: Friction and pressure work together to create high percentage cake solids. For further explanation, watch this video.

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Testimonials from our Satisfied Customers
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