Rotary Fan Press Mobile Unit

(2001 Jensen V-Nose Trailer)

Rotary Fan Press Mobile Unit


Included With The Rotary Fan Press Mobile Trailer System:

  • RFP36D (36″ Dual Channel) Rotary Fan Press
  • Emulsion Polymer Blend/Feed System
  • Adjustable Injection & Mixing Energy Points
  • Folding Cake Conveyor (Rear Discharge From Trailer)
  • Retention Piping with Sludge Sampler –
  • Rotary Lobe Feed Pump
  • Water Boost Pump
  • Filtrate Pump
  • Air Compressor
  • Central Operator Control Panel w/ Touch Screen (240/480, 3-Phase Dual Voltage Capable)
  • 50′ Electrical Cable (4 wire pigtail)
  • Misc. Hoses and Adapters

Dimensional & Hookup Information:

  • Trailer: 28′ Length x 8.5′ Width x 10′ Height
  • Maximum Discharge Conveyor Height: 6′
  • Feed, By-Pass & Filtrate Discharge: 3″ Cam-Lock
  • Water Supply: 1.5″ NPT
  • Electrical (supply end): 4 Wire Pigtail with Ground
  • 240 Volt / 3-Phase / 60 Hz: 65 Amps
  • 480 Volt / 3-Phase / 60 Hz: 35 Amps


  • Maximum Hydraulic Capacity: ~70 gpm
  • Maximum Solids Loading Capacity: ~1,050 d.s. lbs/hr

*Many factors will influence the dewatering capacities of the Rotary Fan Press (type of sludge/process, variations of process, feed solids concentration, volatile solids concentration, pretreatment selection, polymer selection, desired results, etc.) and in no way is the listed information a guarantee of performance.

Rotary Fan Press Mobile Unit

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