In-Line Thickener

In-Line Thickener

All New, Simple, Most Efficient and Cost Effective Solution for Thickening

Prime Solution, Inc. for years has successfully dewatered sludge and slurry with its Rotary Fan Press. Now, they have taken their expertise in the field of pressure differential dewatering and separation to the thickening process with its newest unit, the In-line Thickener (INT). Using operator controlled set points, the INT will continuously and automatically increase the concentration of the sludge and slurry to an exact solids level for further processing or disposal.

Utilizing the flow through design, the INT can be easily installed horizontally or vertically into the existing piping of your plant, saving several thousands of dollars in time and installation cost alone. The INT is expandable by adding additional thickening modules when increase flow rates are required and can be purchased as a complete skid system with integrated ancillary equipment and controls.

The Prime Solution INT is totally enclosed and relies on the feed pump to supply the slurry and operational pressure. Most slurries will require a small amount of conditioning chemistry for consistency and maximum results. The feed pump moves the slurry through the INT, where the pressure differential dewatering is established by controlling the incoming feed pressure versus the filtrate discharge pressure.
The slow rotating internal wiper gently keeps the filter element clean without destroying the floc and a automatic wash cycle is activated should pressure differential reach the user set maximum values.

The in-line process continuously moves the slurry to the next point in the system without the use of addition pumping. With this added benefit, post thickened polymer treatment is no longer needed.

Features and Benefits
  • Smallest footprint for given flow rates of other technologies
  • Lowest purchase, installation and operational cost
  • Easily installed into existing piping
  • Contained airtight system
  • Continuous and automatic operation
  • No re-pumping of the concentrated slurry
  • Easily expandable as throughput requirements change
  • Minimal power required- 99% less than thickening centrifuges

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All capacities/loading depend upon the type of sludge to be dewatered.

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