Free Standing Systems
The Prime Free Standing System adapts easily into existing or new applications for dewatering. With several sizes available and model expandability, the space saving, totally enclosed, low speed operation allows for easy integration for almost any application.
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Mobile Systems
Mobile Systems give you the flexibility to move where you need dewatering. Whether you have more than one facility, service other facilities, or just need to save on the cost of building a new facility, we can provide a complete turnkey mobile system, with trailer sizes ranging from 14' to 53'.
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Skid Systems
Prime Solution Skid Mounted Systems come factory-assembled, tested and ready for immediate operation. Each system is pre-engineered for easy integration into your facility’s system. These enclosed units offer high throughputs within a compact space.
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Dewatering Performance - Simplified

Rotary Fan Press

The Prime Rotary Fan Press® is an effective liquid/solid separation system used for a variety of applications in multiple industries, including but not limited to Municipal, Industrial, and Food & Beverage.

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Information Requests

Whether your organization is interested in an on-site demonstration, lab testing information, product literature, or even a service request, please click the link below, to provide us with information which will help us provide the best service possible.

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On-Site Pilots

To see the Prime Rotary Fan Press® operate at your facility, schedule an onsite demo. We will bring our mobile trailer for three days to demonstrate its functionality and perform free lab testing to achieve the highest cake solids possible.

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Yes, there is a simple solution to the municipal, agricultural and industrial demands for dewatering technology:

The Prime Rotary Fan Press®

Designed using fundamental physics (friction and pressure force water out through the path of least resistance), our patented Rotary Fan Press technology creates high-percentage cake solids.

You could say we know our—stuff. For over 30 years, we’ve designed, manufactured and serviced dewatering equipment. And we’re proud to say that our pioneered and patented Rotary Fan Press technology is designed and built in Michigan, in the heart of the USA.

Explore our site and discover how the Prime Rotary Fan Press’s hassle-free dewatering technology can save you time and money

To begin the ordering process for a ROTARY FAN PRESS system call: 269-694-6666

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